Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inaugural Post

Howdy Folks!

After the reunion of the Lunch Bunch in the cafeteria today, some members kicked around the idea of having a blog we used to update each other on the goings on in each others' lives. I quickly came back to my desk and took the serious job of registering CGHQ Lunch Bunch on blogger. Really, I'm so busy.

Not sure how the administrative stuff works, but we'll find a way.

For the first post, I thought we could list the inaugural members of the group and go from there.

From this point on, the Founding Members of the Lunch Bunch are (in no particular order):

Tyrone J.
Dana J.
Russ M.
Tony H.
Loan O'B.
Latarsha M.
Fran F.
Marion M.
Xochitl C.
Jennifer L.
est. 2006

(Takes out bottle of champagne, frantically looks around for something to break it on, and smashes bottle on monitor of work computer)

Of course, as people transfer in and out, there are changes. The newest members to the Lunch Bunch are:

Vivian L.
Sharmaine J.
Marie B.

(Loud cheers! Confetti falls from the sky! Balloons drop from the ceiling.)

Welcome all!


P.S. Thanks to Loan for letting me know I forget Marie originally. Hopefully we can start going to Ft. McNair again since the weather is finally warming up.


Sharms said...

Greetings to all
Thanks for the warm welcome. By the way it's Sharmine with an "i" not an "a". I know... I know... it's pronounced with an "a" but that's a long story- something about a drunk doctor and a misspelled birth certificate

Coastietran said...

I like the inaugural post as a way for us to keep in touch.

We are building a webpage at to share pictures of the next little O'Brien and the family.

Take it easy.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny. you really do have a lot of time on your hands.

Xochitl said...


Thanks for setting this up.

We wanted this blog so that we can all keep track of each other when we leave here. Cool people like those in the lunch bunch are not easy to find. I want to hear what happens w/ Dana and Tyrone when they move to GA and what Loan's baby looks like and all the things that people are up to. Lets see if we can stay in touch for many years to come. ; )

KMcJoseph said...

Wow you waited till I left to start this blog. Thanks a lot.


KMcJoseph said...

Why did you erase your other blog?